balistic mo-listic fo-mo-ho'n

30-06-2010 038+

latest sale vehicles delivered this afternoon

30-06-2010 039+

clean as late westy

30-06-2010 042

30-06-2010 043

30-06-2010 044

30-06-2010 040+

and 2 owner from new full vw service history early bay microbus

30-06-2010 041

for more info on either van email infor@type2detectives.com or come along and see them this friday evening at the t2d chilli night

30-06-2010 052+

wasnt me mrs balls all i done was fluff the wheels up

30-06-2010 050+

in again for a slight increase in tyre wall and a little tickle on the up with the coilovers for that more family friendly ride and glide

30-06-2010 056+

still gonna be fly tho

30-06-2010 049+

and the disco boys have painted the other wheels and with some spacers out back they be all on

30-06-2010 032

gary popped down from doncaster to get his bay lowered today

30-06-2010 046

done and dusted and smiles all round then on the road again by early afternoon. thats t2d service for you

30-06-2010 037

and talking about going that extra mile, paul dropped his split over tuesday afternoon and on friday he will roll out with this new 1776 engine. hows that for turnaround

30-06-2010 033+

tim c t2d's electrican hooked up petes samba with some 240 volt this morning

30-06-2010 034

and a quick shot before the belly pans go back on

30-06-2010 045

new floor down today in my new hide out, whoops i mean one of my new offices.



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golightly over op'd one

29-06-2010 0861

one of the new signs is up incase ya cant spot it

29-06-2010 0821

bretts been busy with the paint removal on his bus

29-06-2010 1131

late night lowering last night. steve sorting his son shanes latest ride this a4 wagen

29-06-2010 1111

going to look good on its mk5 golf gti rims painted by his disco detailing dad

29-06-2010 1141

and matt brought his new passat wagen in for some coilover action

29-06-2010 1151

ap coilovers and of course some detailed fuch the only wheel to roll

29-06-2010 1261

with some wheel buff'n by me

29-06-2010 1351

but what will mrs balls think

29-06-2010 1521e

hope she loves it

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oh my my monday


28-06-2010 024+

another scorcher of a day in the burhell. bit like california at the moment, you know near yarmouth county of norfolk

28-06-2010 018

matts ex ambo up and back ends stripped

28-06-2010 019

jared getting close to starting petes samba

28-06-2010 020+

porsche bus now has a rock n roll bed in it

28-06-2010 021+


in for an evaluation

28-06-2010 022+

late bay in for adjustable spring plates and a re track up front and a check over

28-06-2010 017

and at lunch time discos dad rocked by in his just back on the road mg tf from the 50's. it was in need of a track job too

28-06-2010 028

marks late bay in for a lowering tomorrow

28-06-2010 025+s

and measure time and swatch check for the ambo's soon to come visit to prosign

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type 2 detectives chilli night

chilli2 11

the only event in july to worry about the type 2 detectives chilli night. its going to be hot hot hot hot cars and even hotter chilli. its shaping up to be a big one. and you know type 2 detectives events are always the best

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photoshoots and filming day

26-06-2010 066+

loving the new t2d sign by prosign

26-06-2010 071+

very handy for the photoshoot today

26-06-2010 080+

before both vans got collected a very quick shot was organised

26-06-2010 097+

matts body dropped bay also got the treatment

26-06-2010 102+

as did matt

26-06-2010 113+1

the goof and the kerbsnake both again shot and also some filming work too. and only one take for my piece to camera

26-06-2010 094+

jon collected his link pin bay this afternoon after a visit to the terry paint place

26-06-2010 091+

nicks panel in to have its ride quality sorted to t2d levels

26-06-2010 118+

my ambo now on disco detailed fuch. big thanks steve of detail and disco

26-06-2010 106+

tt for sale. big power low ride on new ap coilovers and new lm reps. email me for more info beaker@beakersblog.com

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phils newbie


now thats what you call a new beetle. phils bug is in the latest copy of ultra vw magazine. phil is the buff meister, just check that swirl free finish. i cant wait to get my copy, be sure to get one too.

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prosign prosign prosign


how cool is that. the new t2d sign as made by mandy and neil at prosign. the most massive thanks and to joe the tow for the sign haulage today


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hot cop

25-06-2010 037+

the media whores have been getting a detailing today ready for yet another photo shoot. they are some busy cars

25-06-2010 034+

matts got bluebell all ready to go tomorrow its driving much better now with the added t2d

25-06-2010 032+

inside its all d i s co friday

25-06-2010 030+

the underneath of petes engine install

25-06-2010 028+

 25-06-2010 027+

bretts ex swiss army bus is being prepped for paint. but what colour. more to come.......


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busy busy bizzz a

24-06-2010 047

neil brought his ultra late bay in for some lowering today

24-06-2010 072

adjusters up front with t2d gas shocks and a tickle out back along with the customer supplied wheels it looks much better. sounds nice for a 1400cc too

24-06-2010 071


jared as ever has made a nice job of petes engine install

24-06-2010 070

brett and charlie have done a good job on the lilac split. its sitting so much better now

24-06-2010 065

birthday boy mr joe of tow dropped off niges fresh from the docks ex cali squareback.

24-06-2010 068

and back in to t2d ex ambulance split. this time its in to have its previously done elsewhere straight axle conversion sorted out with a t2d straight axle conversion

24-06-2010 075

then after a v bizz a day today matt was on to the t2d berlingo to give it stance mastering

24-06-2010 081

3 spline out back so far but matt thinks theres more to come as there was no scraping on the bump test

24-06-2010 080

24-06-2010 086

and soon to appear on the sitswrong b-down-low some old school esta rs turbos


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J.O.T oh yeahhhhh

23-06-2010 007+

how much lower than stock? that much

23-06-2010 009+

getting very close to collection date for mark and michelle to get their burner bus. and mark thankyou for the "please dont clean it"

23-06-2010 006+

joe of the tow dropping off another bay

23-06-2010 040+

petes samba is coming together

23-06-2010 039+

ian over in the t2d trim shop has been good things with leather for the inside

23-06-2010 043

and jareds doing good things with petes power plant

23-06-2010 054+

steves droppa against the stockka

23-06-2010 056+

bretts busy out back of the lilac bus while the charlie is busy up front

23-06-2010 057+

brett doing the engine re-install

23-06-2010 052

and next door the t2d sign is up. can you spot it?

23-06-2010 038

mr balls has been having a play with another late bay. but dont worry its not in for the balls body drop


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