golightly over op'd one

29-06-2010 0861

one of the new signs is up incase ya cant spot it

29-06-2010 0821

bretts been busy with the paint removal on his bus

29-06-2010 1131

late night lowering last night. steve sorting his son shanes latest ride this a4 wagen

29-06-2010 1111

going to look good on its mk5 golf gti rims painted by his disco detailing dad

29-06-2010 1141

and matt brought his new passat wagen in for some coilover action

29-06-2010 1151

ap coilovers and of course some detailed fuch the only wheel to roll

29-06-2010 1261

with some wheel buff'n by me

29-06-2010 1351

but what will mrs balls think

29-06-2010 1521e

hope she loves it

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