balistic mo-listic fo-mo-ho'n

30-06-2010 038+

latest sale vehicles delivered this afternoon

30-06-2010 039+

clean as late westy

30-06-2010 042

30-06-2010 043

30-06-2010 044

30-06-2010 040+

and 2 owner from new full vw service history early bay microbus

30-06-2010 041

for more info on either van email infor@type2detectives.com or come along and see them this friday evening at the t2d chilli night

30-06-2010 052+

wasnt me mrs balls all i done was fluff the wheels up

30-06-2010 050+

in again for a slight increase in tyre wall and a little tickle on the up with the coilovers for that more family friendly ride and glide

30-06-2010 056+

still gonna be fly tho

30-06-2010 049+

and the disco boys have painted the other wheels and with some spacers out back they be all on

30-06-2010 032

gary popped down from doncaster to get his bay lowered today

30-06-2010 046

done and dusted and smiles all round then on the road again by early afternoon. thats t2d service for you

30-06-2010 037

and talking about going that extra mile, paul dropped his split over tuesday afternoon and on friday he will roll out with this new 1776 engine. hows that for turnaround

30-06-2010 033+

tim c t2d's electrican hooked up petes samba with some 240 volt this morning

30-06-2010 034

and a quick shot before the belly pans go back on

30-06-2010 045

new floor down today in my new hide out, whoops i mean one of my new offices.



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