oh my my monday


28-06-2010 024+

another scorcher of a day in the burhell. bit like california at the moment, you know near yarmouth county of norfolk

28-06-2010 018

matts ex ambo up and back ends stripped

28-06-2010 019

jared getting close to starting petes samba

28-06-2010 020+

porsche bus now has a rock n roll bed in it

28-06-2010 021+


in for an evaluation

28-06-2010 022+

late bay in for adjustable spring plates and a re track up front and a check over

28-06-2010 017

and at lunch time discos dad rocked by in his just back on the road mg tf from the 50's. it was in need of a track job too

28-06-2010 028

marks late bay in for a lowering tomorrow

28-06-2010 025+s

and measure time and swatch check for the ambo's soon to come visit to prosign

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