photoshoots and filming day

26-06-2010 066+

loving the new t2d sign by prosign

26-06-2010 071+

very handy for the photoshoot today

26-06-2010 080+

before both vans got collected a very quick shot was organised

26-06-2010 097+

matts body dropped bay also got the treatment

26-06-2010 102+

as did matt

26-06-2010 113+1

the goof and the kerbsnake both again shot and also some filming work too. and only one take for my piece to camera

26-06-2010 094+

jon collected his link pin bay this afternoon after a visit to the terry paint place

26-06-2010 091+

nicks panel in to have its ride quality sorted to t2d levels

26-06-2010 118+

my ambo now on disco detailed fuch. big thanks steve of detail and disco

26-06-2010 106+

tt for sale. big power low ride on new ap coilovers and new lm reps. email me for more info beaker@beakersblog.com

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