busy busy bizzz a

24-06-2010 047

neil brought his ultra late bay in for some lowering today

24-06-2010 072

adjusters up front with t2d gas shocks and a tickle out back along with the customer supplied wheels it looks much better. sounds nice for a 1400cc too

24-06-2010 071


jared as ever has made a nice job of petes engine install

24-06-2010 070

brett and charlie have done a good job on the lilac split. its sitting so much better now

24-06-2010 065

birthday boy mr joe of tow dropped off niges fresh from the docks ex cali squareback.

24-06-2010 068

and back in to t2d ex ambulance split. this time its in to have its previously done elsewhere straight axle conversion sorted out with a t2d straight axle conversion

24-06-2010 075

then after a v bizz a day today matt was on to the t2d berlingo to give it stance mastering

24-06-2010 081

3 spline out back so far but matt thinks theres more to come as there was no scraping on the bump test

24-06-2010 080

24-06-2010 086

and soon to appear on the sitswrong b-down-low some old school esta rs turbos


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