J.O.T oh yeahhhhh

23-06-2010 007+

how much lower than stock? that much

23-06-2010 009+

getting very close to collection date for mark and michelle to get their burner bus. and mark thankyou for the "please dont clean it"

23-06-2010 006+

joe of the tow dropping off another bay

23-06-2010 040+

petes samba is coming together

23-06-2010 039+

ian over in the t2d trim shop has been good things with leather for the inside

23-06-2010 043

and jareds doing good things with petes power plant

23-06-2010 054+

steves droppa against the stockka

23-06-2010 056+

bretts busy out back of the lilac bus while the charlie is busy up front

23-06-2010 057+

brett doing the engine re-install

23-06-2010 052

and next door the t2d sign is up. can you spot it?

23-06-2010 038

mr balls has been having a play with another late bay. but dont worry its not in for the balls body drop


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