clean snake shocka

19-06-2010 022

another busy saturday with yet more coming in for work

19-06-2010 023

lilac split is stripped out back

19-06-2010 026

jareds done great work with niges engine install. its all in the detail

19-06-2010 020

and when not doing good things with old volkswagens jared is rippin' up. but not on the roads where he is very sensilble. hello mrs r and widge

19-06-2010 027

johns bay is back from terrys paint place and you'd be hard pressed to see whats been done. terry is the blend meister

19-06-2010 031

and thanks to a certain magazine wanting a feature on my ambulance i've given it the full one today on the paint. double cut and triple fluff. wheels off soon and off to disco steves wheel detail haus and a visit to prosign for some side stripe and front stripe action. cant wait to get some more orange on the front

19-06-2010 035

and the whole cleaning thing seems to be rubbing off on people. not only does matt regulary clean his new passat wagen but paul is giving the kerb snake constant love with the cleaning products.


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