danger danger danger

17-06-2010 047

another hot one in the hell of bur

17-06-2010 048

hot weather and cool cars. much nicer than the old window fitter vans there before

17-06-2010 033

and we're lucky to have such dope vans coming through the workshops

17-06-2010 043

helen and wendy dropped their split off last night for t2d to rectify a few issues .......

17-06-2010 057

the first job that matt was straight on was to take the danger plates off the back. it aint big and it really aint clever. dont do this kids, there are other ways to stop da knock on the low ones

17-06-2010 034

i dropped duncs now t2d l p b'd early bay off this morning and duncan was very happy with how it sat.

17-06-2010 039

and back in workshop one the brown poppa is back down and being tracked. another top slam by charlie and brett

17-06-2010 055 1

and in twice the workshop dan is doing good work rebuilding the porsche bus

17-06-2010 052

paul fitting some spoons into petes samba

17-06-2010 045

jared has been mostly in niges bug cleaning the engine bay and installing the external oil cooler ready for the new big motor to go in

17-06-2010 041

lilac and white split waiting its turn for a rear end convo. its all go and mo mo mo more to come


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