dc 10

13-06-2010 224 a

after a bit of an oversleep on my behalf (not my fault ;-) aiiiiiigggghhhttt) we eventually made it to dc 10 today, only an hour and an half late (again my bad ;-) )

13-06-2010 222a1

http://ikustoms.skynetblogs.be were already there in iains recently tee-ricked out t5

13-06-2010 408a

so much dopeness about it was untrue www.g-werks.com had a v v v very cool line up goin on

13-06-2010 374g#=

not just vw's either lots of other sweet german rides there

13-06-2010 226a

even a cool vauxhall nova/ corsa whatever they called these days, not often i say that about a v hall

13-06-2010 316a

of course so so many bad ass vw's too.


much more to come from dc 10 but now beaks needs sleep

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