getting ready for dc 10 and a brief visit to alive n dubbin

12-06-2010 252 1

getting ready for dc 10 tomorrow. matts bay is ready. i took this for a spin earlier and wow what a smooth rolling low riding ride matt built. love it

12-06-2010 241

12-06-2010 247 1

kerbsnake and goofback have both had a beaker buff and are ready for dc 10 tomorrow. be sure to visit the t2d trade stand and the goofback should be on the performance vw magazine stand

12-06-2010 245 1

jonny d brought his g60 in for some extra scene points

12-06-2010 +1 054

and dammmn did he get some points

12-06-2010 +1 044

looking way better on skinny tyres and an extra wind down on the coilovers by the balls

12-06-2010 +1 041

12-06-2010 +1 060

its also been a year to the day that matt sorted the ride height on my mk2.

12-06-2010 +1 066

duncans link pin bay is looking more purposefull now the fronts down

12-06-2010 103

12-06-2010 104

mark and paul in classic handover shot

12-06-2010 238 1

and as soon as they go more turn up

12-06-2010 105

i took mark and michelles westy poppa for an mot yesterday, straight through and drives rea l nice too, tramps along a treat

12-06-2010 110

brett not b rent doing a clean off of another one finished

12-06-2010 227

cool caddy in to enquire about a colour change

12-06-2010 112

petes samba has had its first visit to the trim shop for some of the headliner to go in. and today the cru have got the windows back in amongst other thangs

12-06-2010 143

then after work paul and i jumped in the kerbsnake for a kruze over to alive n dubbin to drop a trophy off and to have a mooch about

12-06-2010 138

12-06-2010 146 =

something not often seen paul on the buff duties

12-06-2010 145 1

prosign supplied and made us another super cool trophy for alive n dubbin. extra most massive thanks to mandy and neil :-)

12-06-2010 147

12-06-2010 148

12-06-2010 149

12-06-2010 155

loving craigs garage find t34 ghia. low miles white paint red interior, whats not to love

12-06-2010 169

not seen this bare metall'd crew for a while. matt sorted the air ride on it to get it on the floor many years ago now

12-06-2010 181

12-06-2010 176

12-06-2010 162

12-06-2010 172

12-06-2010 163

12-06-2010 150

12-06-2010 152

a very chilled out and cool atmosphere at alive n dubbin, shame we had other commitements. big shouts to all involved in the organisation of alive n dubbin

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