moving on moving up moving forward moving nextdoor

07-06-2010 021

niges bug with box and brakes back in

07-06-2010 022

steves fitted marks new outer sill today and its looking good

07-06-2010 024

jared sorting the front end on nevilles b buggy

07-06-2010 025

while charlie was building nevilles new engine back up

07-06-2010 029

brett doing another t2d rear end convo

07-06-2010 032

and today was the day that we (eventually) got the key to the new additonal workshop unit next door. the clean up soon started

07-06-2010 033

the new display and merchandise area was soon turned from lurid wrong green to something a bit cleaner

07-06-2010 039

and so much more additional overnight parking is a defo bonus

07-06-2010 040

07-06-2010 038

cant wait until its all done and we're all moved in. wont be long

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