on route to skegvegas 2010

05-06-2010 142 1

friday afternoon and it was time to convoy up and hit the road to skegness for the t2d trip to skegvegas 2010

05-06-2010 153 1

matt with his son josh running no air no bags no hydraulics just a super smooth slammed ride

05-06-2010 159 1

goof unloaded and ready to show on saturday

05-06-2010 161

then time to park up and get the bar b out and burn'n

05-06-2010 160 1

team t2d well fed and ready for some night time fun

05-06-2010 171 1

05-06-2010 167

beakers a what??

05-06-2010 166

oh right!! thanks brett :-)

05-06-2010 162

some tricks from the p med. then when it got dark and quite late the brett came to life and after some very entertaining stories he did his latest partay trick. now i cannot and will not go into any more detail needless to say it left paul and myself in tears. good times brett and i feel sorry for whoever watches that security tape :-0

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