back on thay road

02-05-2010 008 1

matts late nights and weekends have paid off as his body dropped bay is back on the road, all mot-erised and has taxation to drive in this nation

02-05-2010 006

now sporting a balls one off super skinnay beam disco detailed chromerised fuch style rims with some extra power out back plus he ditiched the air and 'raulics

02-05-2010 007

shame the extra power is humanised!!!! seems it needs some stinkay old fuel to make it go on it own

02-05-2010 010

it was nice to catch up with the el tel from the bell today while i was collecting the freshly repaired single cab. theres going to be some beaks and bell tell happenings happening soon too. something gonna be getting some fresh laid on soon ;-)

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