wet one

31-05-2010 049

saturday was a lovely day for a photoshoot. well until the heavens opened up

31-05-2010 026

the kerbsnake was in the bag though

31-05-2010 027

31-05-2010 029

and before the rain i started to do a disc and pad swap on the mk twice. then the rain came and i got wet!!

31-05-2010 028

charlie was in doing some mot work on his soon to be daily again

31-05-2010 046

another split being dropped off for some t2d workshop happenings

31-05-2010 040

marks bus was back up and running again. disco of steve will be finishing off the welderisings this week

31-05-2010 050

darren cool flo dropped alan off to collect his recently finish fleetline split on route to gary garys picnic. more cool flo vans coming in real soon for more t2d cool'n

31-05-2010 043

get it on some skinnys and get it down jonny d :-)

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