outlaw flat four

26-05-2010 026a

andy the gwal t2d's very own sometimes tame engine builder had his race bug out today for its mot

26-05-2010 030 a

all ready with his recently re-tickled 1914cc motor for some strip action this weekend with the outlawflatfour's

26-05-2010 021

in for a t2d one day bay lowering this clean late westy

26-05-2010 033

and after disco steve had done he thang

26-05-2010 035

bretts doing awesome work on the j bus

26-05-2010 037

the man himself

26-05-2010 031

the fleetline also has a new narrowed beam set up and charlie of buckles charles soon got the rear end stripped ready for some t2d straight axle'n

26-05-2010 034

26-05-2010 032

niges skate bus is ready to go tomorrow. the sign work has had some mild age'n done

26-05-2010 039

its also now sporting a new t2d interior.if you need some interior work or some trim work visit www.type2detectives.com and give us a shout.

26-05-2010 040

the skate bus has a gwal built 2007 out back for some more funabilty on the roads


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