hot sun cool cars

22-05-2010 078 1

what with it being such a nice day i dragged the squareback out for a spin

22-05-2010 075 1

and while it was out i replaced the snapped sun roof cables with some new ones for some open roof rollin's

22-05-2010 063 1

paul had the tv bus out for some sun lovin'

22-05-2010 086c

and with some help from brett the tv bus now rolls 17" airevo radar style rims

22-05-2010 087c

so if you need some t2d detailed 15" inch radars call or email the shop for more www.type2detectives.com for contact details

22-05-2010 058 v

the purple bird bus was collected today. looks good for the lowerising

22-05-2010 060 1

paul d back in for a new clutch in readiness for a long european road trip real soon

22-05-2010 064 1

mr mold was in for a quick visit in his fen bus

22-05-2010 069 1

and always a pleasure to mark who was over stripping the interior out of his pop top westy

22-05-2010 067 1

dans doing a nice job with the porsche bay build up.

22-05-2010 089

dans current daily this old skool mini

22-05-2010 093

brett who is proper on the health and safety tip

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