go three time and ting'

20-05-2010 057

sharons bay in for a t2d one day lowering. steve and dan were on it again

20-05-2010 073

and done and dusted ready for sharon this afternoon

20-05-2010 058

for me it was a bit of an mot themed day today. first one

20-05-2010 065

then off in marks slammed 71 microbus

20-05-2010 060

a very nice drive too. and straight through

20-05-2010 071

and last one chris'. and it was a green day for all three

20-05-2010 067

mark and michelles out in the sunshine

20-05-2010 068

and back in for some service work

20-05-2010 075

then it was some after hours slam time. thanks to g-werks paul got some ap-coilovers for the family audi a4 wagen

20-05-2010 084

and fresh off the jacks its proper down

20-05-2010 087

much better. and the ride is very nice.

20-05-2010 106

and some messing with the lights


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