bays in a day big motors and notch'd chassis

11-05-2010 027

david dropped his bay off for a full service and a t2d one day bay lowering

11-05-2010 033

steve was up front balls lowered the rear and brent did the service work.

11-05-2010 042

and ready to go. love the aussie minilites

11-05-2010 036

jared doing the chassis notch work on the now link pin microbus bay

11-05-2010 047

jared showing his notch work and charlie of the buckles chuckles charles

11-05-2010 049

also back in for a service and tune up

11-05-2010 050

niges skate split panel having its stock engine removed ready for something a little more powerfull to go in

11-05-2010 051

another service brake overhaul and some mot prep work


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