just for the s and g's

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just for a bit of fun on the mk2 with a new rego

02-04-2010 023

matt and brett are ste eaming into pauls van and were doing a late one as i left tonight

02-04-2010 026

narrowed beam, dropped spindles etc up front and a straight axle'd rear end all from your favourite type 2 cru. www.type2detectives.com

02-04-2010 021

jared in with the breathing gear for some undersealing action

02-04-2010 022

brent doing the do on the super clean 68 micro b us

02-04-2010 028

mark and michelles westy strip down has started

02-04-2010 027

steve was in for a tune up with his early bay

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straight axle beaker, get it right

Posted by: justin walker | 05/08/2010

got me again :-)
cheers mr b

Posted by: beaker | 05/08/2010

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