drop offs and collections

08-05-2010 027

more vans in at t2d. this one all the way from jersey. when you want the best you sometimes gotta do the distance

08-05-2010 028

vanmotion duncs early bay in for the full t2d link pin'n and deck'n

08-05-2010 030

savs barndoor is done and ready for collection

08-05-2010 029

the vanmotion interior is now finished off with some t2d trim work by ian the stitch. if you need some top quality trim work you know who to see. www.type2detectives.com

08-05-2010 031

petes samba already has a vanmotion interior and will be off to the t2d trim shop for more stitch by ian

08-05-2010 035

paul doe d's 13 winda

08-05-2010 033

with a matt balls and brett finishing off the t2d makeover. matt and brett have done a top job on pauls van and in no time

08-05-2010 039

back down and bretts checking them nuts

08-05-2010 047

08-05-2010 045

all ready for a very special journey to italy :-)

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