engine tuning with a computer!!

05-05-2010 014

scooby doo powerised bay in for a mild front end lowerising

05-05-2010 018

and after sitting a more level and ready for some towing action

05-05-2010 015

what on earth be going on here then

05-05-2010 016

engine tuning on a computer!!! damn thats some sophisticated stuff there, well as long as you got the xp it dont dig da seven

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great!!! That is really cool, hi tech classic vw!!!
I always start my day checking your blog.

Posted by: rene "RANACHILANGA" | 05/06/2010

I would have never imagined that you can tune the engine on an old VW van with the help of a computer. Maybe you can tell us how you did that: what type of computer, cables used, software used.

Posted by: Virtualization Security News | 07/01/2011

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