golfs up

20-04-2010 170

whoops looks like i might be late for work!! oh well. theres no better way to start the day then to hit some round things with a stick. proper relaxing

20-04-2010 191

back at the workshop and its all go as per all the time. the early bay panel getting a full service and brake overhaul

20-04-2010 192

sambas stripped up front while the rear .........

20-04-2010 193

.... its all irs'd

20-04-2010 190

brent not brett doing another kombi service

20-04-2010 195

matt finishing off the other army bay now with ballz'd tubbs and narrowed beam

20-04-2010 194

martins square back in for fuel pump upgrade in readiness of this weekends santa pod strip action so if your going be sure to keep and eye out


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