biz a biz a biz a

17-04-2010 036 1

busy day today but i still managed a full on detail of the m k twice as

17-04-2010 037 112

gorgeous day for it too

17-04-2010 032

and one of the many joys of country living, lunch doesnt come any fresher !!

17-04-2010 009

matthew collected his bay today now with new engine and going better than ever

17-04-2010 042

mark and susan came in to view the early bay deluxe microbus. so sorry now sold and going to be getting some t2d mods soon

17-04-2010 044

very cool and another ex army early bay in today for some mot and service work

17-04-2010 041

and back in this time for some new wheels

17-04-2010 010

jared getting the samba irs'd and with some help from brett not brent the box and brakes were back in and on by lunch

17-04-2010 013

and i think they were lost, maxi power rally car

17-04-2010 014

i'm looking forward to next months vw speed magazine what with me and the balls in it with his body dropped bay panel and the t2d tv bus bay sporting some rather fetching outfits too :-)

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