just peachy

15-04-2010 037 1

not sure if i mentioned this lovely stock as early bay microbus before. its for sale too for more email info@type2detectives.com 

15-04-2010 036 1c1

shes a peach and the beaks would love it

15-04-2010 022

matts got one side tubbed with a now modified seat back in

15-04-2010 026

with ballz signiature swage

15-04-2010 023

23 winda on a ramp shot

15-04-2010 027

split single now got typ 4 pppppower out back. should be a laugh to drive

15-04-2010 028

and in from trailer queen restos sams split ready to be built back up

15-04-2010 032

and back from some disco loving the t2d beige early bay

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those tubbs are SICK:)

Posted by: justin walker | 04/15/2010

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