gorgeous early bay microbus

14-04-10 017

a lovely early bay microbus in at type 2 detectives. one owner from new and its totally original

14-04-10 020

14-04-10 019

the interior is as nice as the outside

14-04-10  1

disco steves roll'n on yet another set of rims and some more lowering with chassis notchin and some p-tubb'n too

14-04-10 016

and taking of tubbs matts getting the ex army early bay all tubbed. "*ussy tubbs"? dare you to say that to matts face !!!! :-)

14-04-10 015

brents been under the front of a bay today rather than in the rear as per, hes been removing the beam ready for some mot work

14-04-10 024

jodys bay back in for its mot time

14-04-10 028

jareds been doing some service work today and loving working in a clean engine bay :-)


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