back to it on twosday

06-04-2010 021 1

back to it today after the easter break and theres more in since i was last at work. ex army early bay rolling randars of the large variety

06-04-2010 024 1

early bay westi was having some balls beam love on thursday

06-04-2010 023

and an early bay for sale through type 2 detectives email for more info@type2detectives.com

06-04-2010 018

grey and white split in for a type 2 detectives irs conversion. matt was straight on it and it was stripped in no time

06-04-2010 027

then steve was doing the t2d do to give the spring plates more travel and no need to take metal outta yo spring plates !!!

06-04-2010 019

steve doing some early bay mild lowering this morning

06-04-2010 025

and ready for stuart to collect this afternoon

06-04-2010 031

matt got the roo bar'd bus running on its new wire'd rims. not everything leaves on fuch. you bring them in and t2d will fit them :-)

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good ol' beaks! wye eye min,
long time no check in the beaks gaff!
all lookin good n shiney eh????
heading down to the bigbang with the lads so hopefully you going and we'll catch up!
get on mr p's case and get me some new clobber sent up!
take it easy my mate! ;-)

Posted by: Dr Grunnit | 04/07/2010

hey ritchie of oooop north
long time and all that jazz. great to hear from you and hope you and yours are all good. no big bang for us i'm affraid we will be in a studio somewhere shooting some cars.
take care big man and sees yous soons

Posted by: beaker | 04/10/2010

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