sambas barndoors splits and bays too

02-04-2010 020 1

thursday morning and i was over to see dunc at van motion interiors with savs barndoor

02-04-2010 019

i was also collecting petes samba which has just had an interior built

02-04-2010 017

and built in no time too. http://www.vanmotion.co.uk  to visit the new van motion website

02-04-2010 018

i also collected mikes new buddy seats which went straight to the t2d trim shop for some phat biscuit cushions

02-04-2010 030 1

gotta love a single cab split

02-04-2010 029

steve and brent did another one day bay lowering and fitted some bay brm's too

02-04-2010 031

matts doing a t2d irs conversion on this stock samba

02-04-2010 032

and jareds getting the empi bus nearer to having its special wheels fitted



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