yesterday do do do do do, doo do do

31-03-2010 020

mr interior motive pink simon popped in to collect some thaangs yesterday

31-03-2010 018

he got some crazzzy ass stretch go'n on. good work :-)

31-03-2010 016

nice to also see martin and his bro up to drop off a single cab and rolling road martins square

31-03-2010 015

t4 hi topper in for some balls lowering

31-03-2010 021

and after the hand of balls had done its thing

31-03-2010 022

chris and mrs chris :-) collecting their ex t2d slamfalia which is now sporting a g- box more in keeping with its big motor

31-03-2010 026

jareds been doing good things with the roo'd up empi bus

31-03-2010 027

now then. dougs bay also having a new  g-box fitted ready for some pulling this weekend

31-03-2010 024

and back from the trim shop for mike and katys early bay now with t2d phat biscuit interior

31-03-2010 023

31-03-2010 025

and the new headliner get the charlie of charles (good) thump up. its off back to the trim shop over the easter break for more. ian the stitch dont stop for no bank holidays in the t2d trim shop he stitch on through he do

if you need some trim work be sure to get in touch info@type2detectives.com

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