t2d goofback. done

25-03-2010 031

the ballzd t2d goofback is done and ready for the volksworld show 2010, the front lower spoiler is the only thing to go on and that will happen at the show

25-03-2010 041

25-03-2010 036

25-03-2010 046

25-03-2010 047

25-03-2010 043

25-03-2010 052

be sure to visit the t2d marque to see the goofback, kerbsnake and tv bus in the flesh. big props to all involved, matt paul mark chris pete jared disco steve charlie dan and ian the trim. its been a pleasure to see it being built from a scrapper to a proper hot b*tch sl*ppa.

25-03-2010 056

and the wayne mac cab been getting some t2d luv 'n again today too

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Rocks having just seen Ballzd at the show the attention to detail is immense, good job guys, loving the stance

Posted by: AL | 03/28/2010

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