wednesdays twodays

24-03-2010 043

matt going through some final wiring checks

24-03-2010 044

carpets all done and just the seats to go in

24-03-2010 045

back seat and headliner in tomorrow too

24-03-2010 052

24-03-2010 053

24-03-2010 054

under the bonnets looking good with the disco painted balls custom tank. be sure to visit the t2d marque to see the goof and kerbsnake together

24-03-2010 049 2

kerbsnakes ready to be driven to the volksworld show after another full on bee kay bufferisation

24-03-2010 058 1

the the tv bus will be in the t2d volksworld marque too so i cleaned the wheels for that bit o bling

24-03-2010 041

pale blue t2d irs'd split back down on its wheels ready for the rear end tracking set up



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MK air Well done Matt and crew !! It rocks !!

Posted by: Coast Cruiser | 03/27/2010

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