back to thay twosday

24-03-2010 033

bit behind on the blog action due to out of my control skynet issues so heres tuesdays today. lovely devon tin top in for some engine service work. its very very nice

24-03-2010 040

mikes is back from the haus of terry paint and over at ian the trimmers

24-03-2010 035

and inside ians matt is doing some wiring while ian makes the carpets

24-03-2010 037

it is looking good on thay inside

24-03-2010 036

and of course the t2d trade mark phat bis cuit

24-03-2010 031

empi bus is stripped and ready for the t2d good stuff to happen

24-03-2010 032

and the pale blue split having a t2d irs conversion


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