voo woo goof back progress

22-03-2010 018

the goof back is coming along very well and is way ahead of schedule

22-03-2010 016

and the kerb snake refresh is nearly done too

22-03-2010 017

be sure to visit the t2d exculsive kerb snake and goof back marque at the volksworld show 2010

22-03-2010 034

engines in and looking p ropper k lean

22-03-2010 019

charlie and jared have done a nice job with the red bay now t2d lowerised

22-03-2010 024

i went to see duncan at vanmotion to drop off petes samba which is having a new fancy bespoke interior fitted

22-03-2010 022

duncans got a very nice set up with a very clean and new workshop

22-03-2010 026

22-03-2010 020

duncans early bay which will be paying a visit to the t2d workshops for the full on t2d lp slamworks

22-03-2010 028

and be warned they still deal with things the old way round duncans area!!!!

22-03-2010 029

justin and wayne rolled up on saturday to collect a new engine for justins early bay. justins cool pick up came in handy

22-03-2010 030

freshly beaker buffed and sold to gwal and mrs gwal helen. enjoy your new lupo tdi.

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Goof Everytime i see a white MKIII Golf drive by, i hear a tiny voice in my head yell out GOOFBACK!!!

Posted by: Ordo the Crashdiver | 03/22/2010

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