ninove part once

15-03-2010 263 1

saturday morning and were on the road to ninove with balls in the porsche bus about to give it a leg stretch

15-03-2010 260

paul in the tv bus after a lift on the trailer through the tunnel. its too low for the tunnel

15-03-2010 276

rich selcta was along www.busselecta.com

15-03-2010 280

jon and his boyz

15-03-2010 284

disco steve

15-03-2010 288

some slamworks action

15-03-2010 294

good to catch up with claude again. his bus is still looking super cool

15-03-2010 265

time for a fuel stop. what the f i only went to get some food and when i came back i had some rather unwelcome guests on the trailer hoping for a free ride

15-03-2010 270

biggest cruise yet i reckon. they was everywhere. massive thanks to all that came at the weekend it was the best yet

15-03-2010 301

outside the hotel

15-03-2010 303

for some anyway

15-03-2010 313

while the rest where at the local brewery enjoying the witkap. some more than others hey paul

15-03-2010 309

15-03-2010 312

15-03-2010 307

and thanks to tim i arrived in style

15-03-2010 310

hms cat-dog was there

15-03-2010 350

then it was time for a nice quiet meal and off for a few cheeky beers. didnt work out like that but it was a good night. hey paul

15-03-2010 357

disco was proper steve'd that night but balls quite reserved

15-03-2010 315

as if balls is never reserved

15-03-2010 341

15-03-2010 338

shaun itching to get some northern soul on while ivan jumps around

15-03-2010 320

very nice to meet the coast cruiser http://bays.skynetblogs.be/ for more

15-03-2010 332

interior motive simon and scooty talking about a new interior for scottys barndoor mabybe?

15-03-2010 346

it was a good night. for some more than others a top night hey paul. but was it a top morning, esp answering that big white telephone hey paul and hey dan :-) lol

more from ninove 2010 tomorrow



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Looks like good fun!
See you'll in 1,5 week!
Cheers, Niels

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty.com | 03/16/2010

was big laugh Hey Beaks, was a very big fun out htere in that belgium. see ya soon...

Posted by: Chris | 03/16/2010

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