in readiness of ninove

10-03-2010 017

paul giving the tv bus a final check over before the journey to ninove 2010

10-03-2010 022

steves being doing some stereo upgrades for the ninove journey and some spindle reconditioning so it now has a t2d dropped spindle ride

10-03-2010 020

jareds got garys new irs'd rear end back in and is bleedin' the brakes

10-03-2010 018

charlie mcCharles been doing a full service and brake inspection on the orange bay

10-03-2010 019

brent doing yet another engine strip down

10-03-2010 021

matt getting the goof backs rear end together ready for the collection date from ikustoms next week!! http://ikustoms.skynetblogs.be to see the goof backs paint progress


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