ninove cruisers

06-03-2010 028 1


we've been getting some of the ninove crusiers ready today including the t2d tv bus. and be sure to get the latest volksworld camper and bus magazine for the full feature on the t2d tv bus www.volksworld.com

06-03-2010 022

shauns back from paint and after a mild fluff up it was on the ramps for jared to fit the new airshocks and for matt to fit a leisure battery

06-03-2010 020

porsche bus now registared and ready for some euro cruising in the hands of mr ballz

06-03-2010 016

russell collected his split today then was off back to scotland

06-03-2010 024 1

clean late bug in for some mechanical work

06-03-2010 023 1

lee had his six seven back out on the mean streetz of burhell

06-03-2010 021

even some ghia action at the workshop this morning

06-03-2010 026

nice to see wayne and justin today who were out in waynes latest ride this mad crew cab caddy

06-03-2010 019 1 1

and after removing what seemed like a field of fen soil from me goof its rollin' beaks clean again

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