t2d slamfalia back in da haus

05-03-2010 011

good to have chris over today who brought his ex t2d slamfalia back in for some service work

05-03-2010 018

chris has done some upgrades since he's owned it including a 2.1 out back

05-03-2010 015

then i had some bay on the back action taking mikes over to terrys paintshop

05-03-2010 014

russells will be off tomorrow and is now rollin' on some jge chrome radars

05-03-2010 020

and over at z cars collecting shauns black bus

05-03-2010 016

porsche bay window having some dropped spindles fitted this afternoon ready for the t2d cruise to ninove. i cant wait its going to be a right laugh woo hoo

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