late bay t2d one day bay lowering

02-03-2010 028 2 1

out to the mot shop this afternoon with jez's split

02-03-2010 027

caught in action the mot mark. always good to catch up with mark

02-03-2010 019

charlie of charles the one day bay lowering stance master had this late lovely bay panel to do

02-03-2010 021

he was soon on it and master'n the stance'n

02-03-2010 022

charlie changing the front tyres

 02-03-2010 034

 job jobbed and done ready to roll.

02-03-2010 020

jared has also been playing with a late orange bay

02-03-2010 024

no matter how rough and dirty a job the jared he love it

02-03-2010 032

single cab in for accident damage repair, on the other side

02-03-2010 026

russells soon to be heading back north to scotland


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