t2d helping out the tv


paul and matt looked like they had fun yesterday helping out the wheelerdealers ed china and mike brewer. must have been nice for paul because he has been a fan of mike brewers since the early days.


matt after giving it the balls. the bay will be for sale soon, email info@type2detectives.com for the full run down.

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wheeler dealers

htc 094 1

yesterday i was over the blasters collecting the goofback and delivering it to ikustoms. i would have more pics but i left my camera round my girlfriends last night so all pics are from phones for now

htc 101 1

porsche bay got an mot today. goes ok so i've been told. whooa must have been some diesel spilled out the front cause it was proper spinny wheel on leaving :-)

htc 102 1

nathans bay was dropped in today for some t2d one day lowering action tomorrow

htc 114 1

well i say tomorrow, charlie was straight on it getting to grips with the rear already

htc 113 1

matts been playing with the brasilia again

htc 106 1

russells back down and now running t2d sprints

htc 107 1

the slamanwich was all buttered up and a blur today

htc 103 1

beige bay now with changed front tyres after some lowerring

htc 111

matt and paul hit the road this afternoon to help a tv production company lower a bay. keep an eye on men and motors for the wheelerdealers with mike the brewster brewer and his boy ed me old china

htc 112

outspan orange anyone


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bays days and sambas

24-02-2010 028

and on the green bay. well the nearest is disco with some mot welding

24-02-2010 038

charlie has given the beige bay a little bit of a lowering

24-02-2010 040

now its having a full brake overhaul

24-02-2010 036

charlie has also been doing the do on this samba today

24-02-2010 042


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brasilia in brazilian magazine

24-02-2010 031 1

we recieved this issue of fucsa and cia magazine today with the kerb snake in

24-02-2010 032 1


24-02-2010 034 1

24-02-2010 035 1

its a very nice feature and a word of which i dont understand. but i think they could be some of my pics :-)


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t2d special project goofback/ haterback

22-02-2010 088

massive props shout outs big ups and nuffff reeee spect to all involved in the t2d special one off project goofback/haterback. what an awesome car this is. a true one off like no other mk3 before. been a pleasure to see it come to life and fruition and i cant wait to see it rock up at the voo woo 2010. tha t2d boyz iz da bezt fo surzzz

22-02-2010 086

it was loaded today and steve took it to the media blasters. then i'm off to see ikustoms with it tomorrow afternoon. visit http://ikustoms.skynetblogs.be/ to see whats already been done on the wings bonnet and boot lid

22-02-2010 087


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dub freeeze 2010

22-02-2010 064

sunday morning we woke up in a very snowy stafford. but luckily unlike the clup80-90 crew we was in a nice warm hotel. and after a very steady drift in we were ready to unload. whoops meant drive in :-)

22-02-2010 066

good to meet the slamwerks slammers at dub freeze and deano

22-02-2010 075

after to a bit of a slow start it soon picked up with folks braving the snow.

22-02-2010 067

cool mk5 in the show car area

22-02-2010 070

and decked newb style passat back

22-02-2010 082

 the absolute slammed bay out in the car park and always a pleasure to see simon http://absolutevw.skynetblog.be/ and dont forget to check the absolute vw blog

22-02-2010 068


22-02-2010 071

22-02-2010 073

first time i have seen besie since being touched by t2d. me likey, me likey alot.

22-02-2010 079

corona bay spotted outside sporting t2d stickers looking good


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fsaturdays appenins'

22-02-2010 057

paul d swung on by with his super cool 13 winda to discuss the lowerising options. cant wait to see this in again, its going to look v nice two'd.

22-02-2010 051

inside matt was still on it.

22-02-2010 054

it was a double dooer with jared also on the hot stick then the grinder

22-02-2010 045

first sprint stars back from powder coating and ready for a disco touch

22-02-2010 058

and the first display one is ready for dub freeze

22-02-2010 059

time for a very quick make over on the oh 3

22-02-2010 062

just a bit of fun

22-02-2010 063


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dub freeze


we are off to dub freeze this weekend so if your going be sure to visit the type 2 detectives stand.

19-02-2010 017

both t2d vans are prepped and ready to go. one for the t-shirts and merchandise and the other with all the t2d slam products

19-02-2010 016 1

including the first set of t2d disco detailed sprint stars, seen here part way through the detail'n process

19-02-2010 022

unfortunately for the fans of balls he wont be at the freeze cause he is stuck to the goof back at the moment

19-02-2010 026

mango bus back from the z boyz paint place with disco on the fit up ready for collection


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18-02-2010 019 1

the latest issue of vwspeed arrived this morning. www.vw-speed.de

18-02-2010 018 1

theres a very good feature on t2d with some great pics including one of my very own of the k70. :-) good work to all at vw speed esp stefan and martin who are doing excellent things with vw speed.

18-02-2010 023

its been another busy one in the workshop today

18-02-2010 021

matt is just on it at the moment

18-02-2010 029 1

and disco steves on it out back too

18-02-2010 032

keiths single cab is running and sounding very sweet

18-02-2010 026

and keith bay westy is going to be sounding sweet again too


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goofback balls disco fuch and motorised bikes

17-02-2010 030

not long now till the goof backs off to ikustoms for paint.

17-02-2010 034

matt has just been hidden under the goof today and most days recently

17-02-2010 031

welding and grinding are matts thing at the moment

17-02-2010 039

charlie and jared getting steves new brakes ready to roll

17-02-2010 051

then charlie was off for a shakedown

17-02-2010 047

much better on the detailed fuch and 944 stoppers up front

17-02-2010 056

jared off for a go on steves bicycle


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