wheeler dealers

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yesterday i was over the blasters collecting the goofback and delivering it to ikustoms. i would have more pics but i left my camera round my girlfriends last night so all pics are from phones for now

htc 101 1

porsche bay got an mot today. goes ok so i've been told. whooa must have been some diesel spilled out the front cause it was proper spinny wheel on leaving :-)

htc 102 1

nathans bay was dropped in today for some t2d one day lowering action tomorrow

htc 114 1

well i say tomorrow, charlie was straight on it getting to grips with the rear already

htc 113 1

matts been playing with the brasilia again

htc 106 1

russells back down and now running t2d sprints

htc 107 1

the slamanwich was all buttered up and a blur today

htc 103 1

beige bay now with changed front tyres after some lowerring

htc 111

matt and paul hit the road this afternoon to help a tv production company lower a bay. keep an eye on men and motors for the wheelerdealers with mike the brewster brewer and his boy ed me old china

htc 112

outspan orange anyone


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