dub freeeze 2010

22-02-2010 064

sunday morning we woke up in a very snowy stafford. but luckily unlike the clup80-90 crew we was in a nice warm hotel. and after a very steady drift in we were ready to unload. whoops meant drive in :-)

22-02-2010 066

good to meet the slamwerks slammers at dub freeze and deano

22-02-2010 075

after to a bit of a slow start it soon picked up with folks braving the snow.

22-02-2010 067

cool mk5 in the show car area

22-02-2010 070

and decked newb style passat back

22-02-2010 082

 the absolute slammed bay out in the car park and always a pleasure to see simon http://absolutevw.skynetblog.be/ and dont forget to check the absolute vw blog

22-02-2010 068


22-02-2010 071

22-02-2010 073

first time i have seen besie since being touched by t2d. me likey, me likey alot.

22-02-2010 079

corona bay spotted outside sporting t2d stickers looking good


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