snowed load samba

10-02-2010 021 1

another lovely start to the day in burhell. well once the snows had gone

10-02-2010 019

i was over at the paintbox this morning collecting some parts

10-02-2010 031111111

the awesome airmighty magazine instock at t2d. and what a magazine it is. be sure to get your issue one here www.t2d-shop.com excellent work by all involved

10-02-2010 030 1bb

matts still full full on with the goof-back

10-02-2010 024

the airbox in the back, its having some funkay inner arch air intakes

10-02-2010 027

which will feed directly into the fan. gotta love da balls

10-02-2010 035

the snows was back this afternoon. typical just as i'm loading up and hitting the road. the samba is off to another one of the many paintshops we use, this time disco petes detail haus

10-02-2010 036

bit of a blizzard at one point. arrhh the joys of rear wheel drive and a snowed road. i wouldnt know, and didnt find out this morning, but i can only imagine its good fun drfiting the 2.1 bumbulance :-)

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