racing 911

09-02-2010 026 1

lovely sunny morning in the hell of bur

09-02-2010 024

steve from www.eastfalia.com popped in on his way past after buying this super clean t4 westy

09-02-2010 019 1

always good to catch up with steve from www.eastfalia.com

09-02-2010 018 

whats going on here then. can yous sees the feets

09-02-2010 023

pop top soon off and ready for a clean and new canvas

 09-02-2010 028

back over to see fat walter the blaster, who has given the engine bay and rear a once over

09-02-2010 029 1

the balsters are based in an old raf base, bettter than your usual industrial estate

09-02-2010 022 1

matt been in the goof zone again

09-02-2010 031 1

snap. wish the merc vito trailer combo i was in had one of those on the back

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