beaker doing actual work shocka



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been playing with some wide dangle angles

08-02-2010 024

brent has been under another kombi today playing with the engine. nothing better for the brent

08-02-2010 030

jared busy in the samba this morning

08-02-2010 037

matt getting the swage maker ready to make some swage

08-02-2010 039

and whats this someone caught doing some actual work. me that is ha never to be seen again!!

08-02-2010 035

then matt back in his current fav place. the back end of a mk3 goof

08-02-2010 032 1

and thanks to the guys at g-werks disco steve got some coilovers to fit on his sons tt. he cant wait either gonna look super lo mo muncha www.g-werks.com for da good stuff

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