porsche bay in action

06-02-2010 042 1

savs barndoor back at t2d today

06-02-2010 040

porsche bay in action. what a laugh it is too. gonna get some bigga brakes wheels and suspension upgrades soon

06-02-2010 049

matt still metal working in the goofback

06-02-2010 051

still just balls a blur

06-02-2010 046

nice to see jez and his manslamwich back

06-02-2010 053

butter me up. best plates i've ordered yet :-)

06-02-2010 032

also a pleasure to catch up with shaun today who was dropping his van off for paint tweaks ready for the voo woo 2010 and also the ninove cruise real soon

06-02-2010 039

beach buggy in for a gwal tune up. paul coming back from the test run.

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