rides slides and hit that rawhide yeee haarrrrr

04-02-2010 049 1

marks now rolling wit da new engine innit

04-02-2010 033

mo biss a mo biss a mo motors in fo shop mo sure

04-02-2010 038

good to see our boy da j moldster over in da place this pm. his van be off to that crazy hair wearing simon at http://interiormotive.skynetblogs.be for its next stage

04-02-2010 039

disco doing he thang with the goo on johns bay

04-02-2010 057

a bit of before and after action. dull as to in deep its looking shiney shiney now

04-02-2010 042 1

marks g bug is now in the shop and ready for a complete t2d overhaul' y'all

04-02-2010 051

you really cant beat the sound of a flat six in the morning

04-02-2010 053

looking forward to doing the post runs in it when its been t two 'd


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