bras been out for mot

bra 11

pauls had the brasilia out for an mot this week. rego soon then some street scraping


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manslamwch back

30-01-2010 029

the slammanwdch back was collected yesterday but who bought it?

30-01-2010 027

jez giving me some photoshop tips and talking web design with paul

30-01-2010 022

disco finishing off on the yellow bug

30-01-2010 035

charlie doing a one day lowering while brent fits some twin carbs on the engine

30-01-2010 044

some new stock in at t2d

30-01-2010 042

nice early bay for sale

30-01-2010 043

and pauls soon to get the t2d treatment porsche powerised late bay. sounds fruity and can certainly light them up and always nice to see gert from kieft en klok who delivered the vans

30-01-2010 041

dans old and seatons new squareback in for a more speed bump friendly ride height

30-01-2010 033

and jez off in his new ride. good work jez

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special project shop

28-01-2010 025

marks split in for a jared steering box lift today

28-01-2010 027 1

i dragged the bumbulance out again today

28-01-2010 028

out with johns bay this afternoon

28-01-2010 031

off to the licence office for a registration inspection. passed too :-)

28-01-2010 035 1

back in the workshop and steves busy under the bug welding while pauls busy doing essential paul stuff

28-01-2010 041

wills bay ready to roll with its narrowed beam new stoppers and adjustable spring plates out back

28-01-2010 042

black and white z stylz waiting to come in

28-01-2010 040

k70 pick up back in but it wont be for long hey simon

28-01-2010 044

paul in the special project shop with a 17 inch radar and the greenbacks


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27-01-2010 013

iain from i kustoms was in the place of two'd today. he was collecting some panels from the goof back as he will giving it the full i kustoms treatment. keep an eye on the new i kustoms blog here http://ikustoms.skynetblogs.be/ 

27-01-2010 014

i was loaded and off to the z boyzzzz paint shop with the fenstudio split this morning

27-01-2010 015

then it was off with the greenbacks to the mot shop

27-01-2010 018

matt doing some more metal work this time on the yellow bug

27-01-2010 022

jared getting wills new csp discs and narrowed beam on

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new link o's



more cool blogs to go check out http://oldskoolclubnl.blogspot.com/ 


and from hungary http://ratro.blog.hu/ 

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tubbn' n

26-01-2010 014

loaded up and ready to roll breaker breaker come on .........

26-01-2010 026 1

johns will be on soon and off for a rego inspection later this week

26-01-2010 019 1

brent in his favourite location under a kombi

26-01-2010 018 1 1

matts got the front of the goof back stripped

26-01-2010 021 1

then he was under the back getting ready to get his tubbn' n

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mk3 t2d goof back project

25-01-2010 025

matts been busy in the t2d mk3 goofback getting the custom front fabricated

25-01-2010 034

balls a blur all day

25-01-2010 038

and thats amongst the other stuff the balls has been on today

25-01-2010 046

one one of mk3 goof spare wheel well up front !

25-01-2010 026

brent doing another engine

25-01-2010 027

charlie stripping the old beam of wills bau ready for the new narrowed one to go on

 25-01-2010 040

then out back getting the new adjustable spring plates on with some jared double checkings

25-01-2010 028

jareds also been fitting a safety belt out back of the fenstudio

25-01-2010 042

then up front while disco steves the dash ready for some paint blendin'


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bays and splits at type 2 detectives

24-01-2010 012

butter me up and spread it all over the m snd wch back with bays

24-01-2010 013

mike and katy dropped their wild bay over. this time in for some t2d trim shop action

24-01-2010 016

and wills early bay in for some t2d'lvn

24-01-2010 020

and on the outside after t2d bay lowering and brake upgrade service

24-01-2010 018

garys in at the mot shop and all good for a green

24-01-2010 022

disco of steve getting the fenstudios antenna upgrade started. now was is bee stings or shark fins jon ??? ;-)


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white rocco

21-01-2010 022 1

whoooaaa all the hints i have given my girlfriend seemed to have worked :-) or so i hoped as i saw this outside this morning. but no it was a customers :-(

21-01-2010 020

the t3d narrowed beamed beige fasty was collected today. its going to be getting some more funkay mods by the new owner with some cool rims lined up

21-01-2010 021

looks pretty cool on the sprint stars

21-01-2010 024

the mac cab was moved this afternoon to a very secret location for some safe storage. only i know where and i am the only one with a key. oh bugger where did i put that ......

21-01-2010 028 1

matt doing more custom work on the goof back which will soon be off to the paint shop while the interior is off at the t2d trim shop

21-01-2010 018

charlie sorting the brakes and steering on this yella bug

21-01-2010 025

brent out back and playing with a typ 4 motor

21-01-2010 032

and jared doing some rear bearing work now they have arriverised


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new linko pinko partners


some new links to go check out http://edwiiin.skynetblogs.be/


http://volkstuning-spain.blogspot.com/ and be sure to keep an eye on what luis is up to at volkstuning

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