special project shop

28-01-2010 025

marks split in for a jared steering box lift today

28-01-2010 027 1

i dragged the bumbulance out again today

28-01-2010 028

out with johns bay this afternoon

28-01-2010 031

off to the licence office for a registration inspection. passed too :-)

28-01-2010 035 1

back in the workshop and steves busy under the bug welding while pauls busy doing essential paul stuff

28-01-2010 041

wills bay ready to roll with its narrowed beam new stoppers and adjustable spring plates out back

28-01-2010 042

black and white z stylz waiting to come in

28-01-2010 040

k70 pick up back in but it wont be for long hey simon

28-01-2010 044

paul in the special project shop with a 17 inch radar and the greenbacks


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It's still a donkbulance no matter how you park it.... hahaha

Posted by: Scotty | 01/28/2010

you got me there scotty :-)

Posted by: beaker | 01/30/2010

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