mk3 t2d goof back project

25-01-2010 025

matts been busy in the t2d mk3 goofback getting the custom front fabricated

25-01-2010 034

balls a blur all day

25-01-2010 038

and thats amongst the other stuff the balls has been on today

25-01-2010 046

one one of mk3 goof spare wheel well up front !

25-01-2010 026

brent doing another engine

25-01-2010 027

charlie stripping the old beam of wills bau ready for the new narrowed one to go on

 25-01-2010 040

then out back getting the new adjustable spring plates on with some jared double checkings

25-01-2010 028

jareds also been fitting a safety belt out back of the fenstudio

25-01-2010 042

then up front while disco steves the dash ready for some paint blendin'


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cool work mk3 ...


Posted by: facun ... | 01/26/2010

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