white rocco

21-01-2010 022 1

whoooaaa all the hints i have given my girlfriend seemed to have worked :-) or so i hoped as i saw this outside this morning. but no it was a customers :-(

21-01-2010 020

the t3d narrowed beamed beige fasty was collected today. its going to be getting some more funkay mods by the new owner with some cool rims lined up

21-01-2010 021

looks pretty cool on the sprint stars

21-01-2010 024

the mac cab was moved this afternoon to a very secret location for some safe storage. only i know where and i am the only one with a key. oh bugger where did i put that ......

21-01-2010 028 1

matt doing more custom work on the goof back which will soon be off to the paint shop while the interior is off at the t2d trim shop

21-01-2010 018

charlie sorting the brakes and steering on this yella bug

21-01-2010 025

brent out back and playing with a typ 4 motor

21-01-2010 032

and jared doing some rear bearing work now they have arriverised


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